Non-Disposable Manual Pen

  • China Dragon Manual Pen

    China Dragon Manual Pen

    1. Full stainless steel microblading tool
    2. Can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure(autoclave)
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  • Crystal Manual Pen

    Crystal Manual Pen

    1. High stability and perfect products.
    2. Special design needle entrance, Just tighten and then it can grip the needle firmly.
    3. Good looking, Graceful and practical shape makes more Comfortable to use.
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  • Chinese Style Manual Pen

    Chinese Style Manual Pen

    1. Don't need the power to do tattoo beauty operation.
    2. It provides ultimate strength, precision and stability you demand.
    3. This manaul pen works with disposable blades and provides hygienic environment and safe application.
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  • Peral Manual Pen

    Peral Manual Pen

    1. Curved flat and round mist microblading blades suitable.
    2. Tight needle locker.
    3. Manual eyebrow tattoo pen, don’t need power to operate.
    4. Easy to cope with, not easy to damage.
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  • Small Size Diomand Manual Pen

    Small Size Diomand Manual Pen

    1. The 3d pen fits for all kinds of standard 3d microblading needles.
    2. Cross lock needles prevent needle shaking.
    3. Tight needle locker
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  • Three Head Manual Pen

    Three Head Manual Pen

    1. Three lock needle heads,multifunctional pen
    2. Flat lock needle head, crossed lock needle heads, coloring lock needles head,
    3. One pen to many use, more features free conversion convenient and quick.
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  • Waist Style Manual Pen

    Waist Style Manual Pen

    1. Manual eyebrow tattoo pen permanent eyebrow pencil, no need electric power.
    2. Skin safe for eyebrow permanent eyebrow pencil.
    3. Cross lock needles, the needle won't shake after locked.
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  • Light Weight Manual Pen

    Light Weight Manual Pen

    1. Skin safe for eyebrow permanent micropigmentation.
    2. Professional cross lock needles, the needle won't shake after locked.
    3. Non-disposable. Can use for a long time.
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  • Diamond Manual Pen

    Diamond Manual Pen

    1. Manual Microblading Pen.
    2. To hold Microblading needles for Microblabing, PMU, Tattoo.
    3. The handle of the pen is filled with tiny acrylic crystals.
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  • with Cap Manual Pen

    with Cap Manual Pen

    1. Operate more easily freehand brushwork.
    2. Excellent for Eyebrows and tattooing.
    3. Graceful appearance and practical shape makes more Comfortable to use.
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  • Diomond Paper Manual Pen

    Diomond Paper Manual Pen

    1. Reusable stainless steel microblading pens.
    2. Autoclavable manual tool.
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  • Dot Manual Pen

    Dot Manual Pen

    Showily pen body, imitation of the shape of the hand grip pen streamline type in vitro physiological structure design, using the human body mechanics can be used to show various brow handmade decorative techniques, such as embroidery, cross-stitch, carving, row, gone with the...Read More
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