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Simple Pattern Embroidery Technology
- Sep 27, 2018 -

1, Embroidered Eyebrow

Objective: To shape the eyebrow, improve the sparse or scattered eyebrow type, and adjust the shape of the eyebrows to improve the visual effect of the face.

Applicable crowd: Eyebrows sparse, scattered, eyebrow shape is poor, eyebrow color is not good, long-term thrush and beauty person.

2. Embroidered Eyeliner

Objective: To beautify the shape of the eye, make it appear slender and smooth, the visual effect lashes dense, pupil black.

Applicable crowd: Eyebrows sparse, or after the eyelid surgery is not natural, or long-term eyeliner.

3. Embroidered Lip

Objective: Soften lip shape, improve lip color, visual effect set off complexion, beautify face shape temperament. Applicable crowd: The lip shape is too thin or too thick, the edge of lip mouth is unclear, the upper and lower lip is disproportionate, or the lip color is unhealthy.